Live Event Painting


Come join me in the world of live event painting! I offer a unique service that helps you create one-of-a-kind hats as a way to honor special moments or show your guests appreciation. My preset designs will adorn each hat with a special silhouette, and you can even add a custom inscription up to 20 words. Each design can be up to 6X4 inches. I also provide a booklet of design options for easy selection.

Each event is priced slightly differently based on location, time, and number event attendees. We will determine pricing during the consultation. 

I invite you to book a consultation with me to discuss your event, dates, and all the details. This will give us the opportunity to have a personalized conversation and determine the number and type of hats you will need, as well as discuss the associated costs and any other specific details you may have in mind. I look forward to chatting with you and creating a memorable experience for your event. Let's make your vision come to life!

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