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Ruminant Hat Co. Custom Orders

Every full brim hat is hand painted by me, Miranda.

Hi, I am inspired by flowers and foliage. Each piece is unique, and one of a kind.

The ink I use to paint each hat with is water resistant and will hold up if you get caught in the rain, wind or snow.

How it Works

  1. When you have purchased your custom order, I will begin by emailing you with information about getting started on what you would like on your hat.
  2. Next, you should find a full brim hat you love, it could be something you already own, something you thrift, buy or order online.   this way, you know exactly what hat you love and that it fits you.
  3. This will be the hat I paint your custom design on. You will send your hat to my studio (I will email you shipping directions).
  4. Scroll through the gallery page on my website for ideas and inspiration!
  5. We will collaborate on what you want on your hat, then, when your hat is finished, I will ship it back to you!


You will be added to my custom list as soon as your hat arrives to my studio, so the sooner you send your hat to me the sooner it will be completed! Please remember there will be client orders ahead of yours, the process takes around three weeks once I am able to begin your order.

*If your hat does not arrive to my studio before June 1st you will be behind anyone in the next round of custom orders.

Please email me with any questions you have!


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