Hi, I’m Miranda,

I am an artist based in Bozeman MT.

I have a background in fine art and Phycology, I have a dog named Duck and I love tea, skiing and rivers.

I am inspired by the femininity found in nature and in humans. My work explores the beauty, strength, gentility, and ruggedness that the feminine encompasses.  

The hats, and clothing I make are based in slow fashion, and small batch art. I work to embody slow living, putting time into the things we make and use and wear. This translates into my work, by making intentional pieces that are each unique, take time, hold up and hold value.


Hats: Each hat is painted with a water proof, fabric printing ink. Each flower is painted on in translucent layers, this gives each petal depth and liveliness, and allows for multiple layers of detailing.

The paint I work with is chosen specifically for its durability, so each hat can be taken outside, used frequently and last a life time.

 There are a lot of new things in the works in my studio,  so keep an eye out for more large canvas art works, art prints, hats, totes and more coming this spring and summer.


Thank you for being here!