The Hats

Each collection is inspired by the rugged feminine found in nature, specifically in flowers that grow in the western united states. Each hat is delicately painted in water proof fabric ink that can withstand what ever weather you encounter.

Welcome to Ruminant Hat Co.

Conscientious Art

I create hand painted hats and textiles. The hats, and clothing I make are based in slow fashion, and small batch art. I work to embody slow living, putting time into the things we make and use and wear. I make intentional pieces that are unique, take time and hold value.

Upcoming Collections:

"Western Wildflower 2.0" May 7th 5pm

Painted Hats

Each hat is painted with a water proof, fabric printing ink. Each flower is painted on in translucent layers, this gives each petal depth, liveliness, and allows for multiple layers of detailing.

The paint is chosen specifically for its durability, so each hat can be taken outside, used frequently and last a life time.

Custom Orders

A custom painted hat is a beautiful way to commemorate weddings, loved ones or bring a pieces of your self alive

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Nature and the Feminine

I am inspired by the femininity found in nature and in humans.

My work explores the beauty, strength, gentility, and ruggedness that the
feminine encompasses.