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Ruminant Hats by KSX Art

We came together to make 24 one-of-a-kind hats covered in whispers of nature. Each hat tells a unique story, adorned with meticulously hand-painted botanicals and silhouettes of sun-kissed ferns and wildflowers. These hats are not just accessories; they are wearable pieces of art that encapsulate the spirit of our collaboration and the boundless beauty of the natural world.

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Welcome to Ruminant Hat Co.

where you can find painted hats that embrace nature, femininity, and strength. I make wearable art that lasts a lifetime, offering artisan clothing with a focus on eco-friendly practices.



The Hats

Each hat is painted with stunning flowers, each collection drawing inspiration from the strength and femininity found in nature. Using only high-quality materials and waterproof fabric ink, I ensure that every hat is not only visually captivating but also built to withstand plenty of use, ensuring a lifetime of enjoyment for the wearer.

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Nature and the Feminine

Through meticulously crafted designs, my art aims to empower individuals to embrace inner strength while embracing their femininity. Each flower painted represents the resilience, growth, and beauty found in nature. By merging these elements, we create a visual language that speaks to the harmony between strength and softness.

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Custom Orders

I specialize in creating custom hand-painted hats that go beyond being mere accessories. Each hat is a unique piece of art, carefully crafted to reflect the inner expression of the wearer. Whether it's a gift for a loved one or a personal indulgence, my hats are designed to evoke sentiment and emotion.

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